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BRY-97 has a slightly estery, almost neutral aroma & does not display malodours when properly handled. It is best used at traditional ale temperatures. * quick start vigorous fermentation * medium to high attenuation.


Beer Types : American Amber Ale, American Barleywine, American Brown Ale, American IPA, American Pale Ale, American Stout, American Wheat, Blonde Ale, Cream Ale, Dark American Lager, Doppelbock, Dortmunder Export, Dry Stout, Düsseldorf Altbier, Eisbock, Extra Special Bitter, Foreign Extra Stout, Imperial IPA, Irish Red Ale, Kolsch, Oatmeal Stout, Old Ale, Roggen Rye, Russian Imperial Stout, Scottish Ale, Session IPA, Strong Scotch


Liquid Yeast Substitution : White Labs 001, Wyeast 1056

Dry Yeast Substitution : Nottingham, BRY-99


Lallemand - American West Coast, BRY-97

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