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ld Carlson 

Usuage: Increase Gravity

Color: Very Light

Apparent Brix: 76.0-77.0 (S.G. 1.39 - 1.40)

pH: 4.5 -5.5

Color: Very light (0.25 - 0.50 SRM)


Invert Sugar is a liquid alternative to regular, granulated corn sugar. It can be used in place of granulated sugar with little difference in nutritional value. It dissolves better in liquids, and can be used in many areas like baking or beverage making. The main purpose in Beer and Wine making is to increase gravity and mouth feel.

>Common additive to Belgian and English style ales

>Invert sugar is the primary fermentable in most Hard-Seltzers, Hard-Lemonades, and Hard Iced Teas on the market.

Liquid Invert Sugar (Medium) 3lb

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