Crisp Scottish Heavy 50 Peated Pot Still Malt utilizes peat from Aberdeenshire and the same spring barley as Crisp's Premium Pot Still Malt, this malt is slowly peated to give the fullest absorption of phenols by each grain. This results in a depth of flavor that will not fade in storage and will provide that hallmark peat character in your whisky. Heavy peated malt is measured at upwards of 50 ppm of total phenol.

Crisp's peated malt is prized for its intense smoke character and this is all down to their wet smoking method which allows the peat smoke to penetrate the barley kernel fully. After germination, the barley is transferred to the kiln and they light the peat burner. For the next 24 hrs, Aberdeenshire sourced peat is burned and the smoke is passed through the bed of moist barley, allowing an osmotic process to occur where the smoke enters the malt and the water leaves. Crisp's modern peat kiln burns efficiently to minimize the amount of peat used. They then kiln the malt in the conventional way to drive out the moisture and cure the malt to distilling specifications.

Crisp had been making peated malt at their Speyside maltings in Portgordon for the past 20 years. They supply distillers not just in Scotland but all over the world including prominent whisky makers in Japan, the USA, Australia, Europe, and England.

Scottish Heavy Peated Pot Still Malt - Crisp