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Breeding/Development: United Kingdom. Released by Wye College in the early 1970s, Target quickly became the most widely-grown variety in the UK. It is a cousin of Challenger and descendant of Northern Brewer and Goldings.

Brewing Application: Bittering. Target’s high alpha delivers for sharply hoppy IPA, bitter, and pale ale, or for efficient bittering additions of darker and less-hoppy English or Belgian styles. It is also used by many UK brewers, alone or in a blend, as a singular late hop.

Sensory: Intense and pleasantly pungent with dried citrus and sagebrush overtones. Whirlpool or dry hop additions play up a spice character.

Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Alpha Acid Range %9.5-12.5
Beta Acid Range %4.3-5.7
Co-Humulone as % of Alpha35-40
Total Oil mL/100 g1.2-1.4

Target Hop Pellets 1 oz

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