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  • New incorporated handles for ease of usage and storage.
  • New more breathable, proprietary, dual-layer film, allowing more effective off-gassing and reduced package expansion for optimal yeast health. 
  • New perfected pitching rates and online calculator at for custom recommendations to achieve perfect fermentation based on beer type, batch size, temperature, and gravity.  
  • New 1.75L volume size, made to contain 2.15 Billion cells / mL, designed to pitch 5 HL at a rate of 7.5 million cells / mL.


Our #1 Best-Selling Yeast! Famous for clean flavors, balance, and the ability to be used in almost any style Ale. It ferments dry and has a very nice, soft malt flavor. We would say that it puts the flavor emphasis on the malt and hops. Definitely one of our top favorites, and MoreBeer!'s best selling yeast! To ferment this yeast properly pitch at 62-65F and let it rise to 66-68F. Ferment for 10-14 days in the primary. This strain can be used in all ales because of its clean crisp character it produces. Cal ale can also be used to help finish a beer's stuck fermentation.

Attenuation: 73-80%
Flocculation: Medium.
Optimum Fermentation Temp: 68-72.
Wyeast Equivalent: 1056 American

WLP001 PurePitch California Ale

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